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Our Economic Value

Our firm’s economic value contributes to the sense of calm and confidence that in-house counsel and company management can feel in the product liability storm.

Our time efficiencies discussed in this website lead to significantly reduced hours for billing personnel and thus to significant cost reductions to the client, without reducing the thoroughness, effectiveness, or quality of the legal actions.

Our firm’s combination of attributes leads to great economic value for our clients. These attributes include our extremely attractive hourly rates and the other alternative fee arrangements that we can provide.

One of the principal reasons that the Markland Hanley founders left the large law firm that they were previously with was to offer clients significantly reduced hourly billing rates. We believe that the hourly billing rates that we quote to you will be significantly lower than those of your present Texas outside counsel. If they are not, we will challenge ourselves to reduce such quoted rates even further to meet or beat those of any highest quality counsel with whom we compete.

Markland Hanley would also be happy to talk with your company about a wide variety of fixed fee or retainer arrangements, including arrangements under which our firm would handle a certain number of cases for a certain set monthly, yearly or other periodic fee, tailored to the needs of a particular case or group of cases. We are flexible insofar as fee arrangements and would be willing to discuss any other compensation arrangement which might interest your company.


Boutique Law Firm Versus Larger Firm

We have heard some of our larger firm competitors argue that major companies should hire large law firms to represent them in major products liability litigation. The larger firms’ argue that they “have greater resources to handle major products liability litigation.” Markland Hanley’s founders spent many years with one of the nation’s largest law firms. During his career, our senior partner was the head of the Products Liability Practice Group of that firm. Our founders left that major law firm to form Markland Hanley so that we could better handle major product liability litigation for our clients. In our view, as a smaller firm, we can handle cases within our niche practice areas more effectively and more efficiently than the large firms. Unlike large firms, we focus on handling products liability cases in specific niche areas, relative to specific types of products, for a few valued clients. We focus on only a few clients in any given industry segment. Our focus on only a few clients in specific industry segments virtually eliminates potential conflicts of interest. We will be ready to represent your company when you need us.

The notion that larger law firms can provide greater resources in major products liability litigation than our boutique law firm can provide is simply not accurate. In major products liability litigation that does not rise to the mass tort level, our firm can handle such litigation in our niche areas of practice better than our large firm competitors. Our experience has taught us that that the idea that large law firms can provide greater resources in major non-mass tort litigation is without basis. While at our former firm, Vinson & Elkins, LLP, at a point in time when the firm had between 800 and 900 attorneys, we represented major product manufacturers in major catastrophic injury cases every day. We utilized the same type of two to three attorney teams on individual cases as we utilize today at our boutique law firm. We obtained the best possible results utilizing such two to three attorney teams on individual cases. Additionally, if, at any time, more attorneys are needed for a given matter, Markland Hanley is uniquely positioned to immediately attract as many highest quality attorneys as necessary for that particular matter. In our view, it is our highest quality boutique law firm, not the larger law firms, that can attract the best young attorneys.


Our boutique law firm, handling a limited client base and focusing on specific niche practice areas and types of products can also provide the unparalleled knowledge necessary to handle complex product liability cases and at a great economic value. In our view, the economic value that we can provide cannot be touched by law firms that are our product liability competitors in Texas.

We have also heard large law firm competitors argue that “Your company and its in-house counsel need the security of having hired a prestigious, large law firm- just in case things go south in the lawsuit.” Relative to our firm, that argument again makes no sense. Our firm’s founders came from a large prestigious law firm. Our senior partner was the head of the Products Liability Practice Group for that firm.

The professional accolades that our firm and our attorneys have received cannot be beaten by our larger firm competitors. We left the large firm to provide clients with better legal service- better because our client base will not present the same conflict of clients’ issues that a large firm’s client base presents, better because our limited practice areas and our firm’s commitment to devoting non-billable time to our educational process allow us to develop the unparalleled knowledge in our limited areas of practice that cannot occur in larger firms, and better because we provide the economic value that larger firms cannot provide.

Our practice model allows us to have the quintessential, highest quality, cost effective, products liability practice available.